How Seattle Does Style...

Easy Style in
five - Four - Three - Two - One

5 Vibes

Easy styles for every aspect of life.
Weekend Workwear.
Casual Friday.
Weekend Chill.
Date Night.
& All Those Errands.

4 seasons

Bring pieces into your wardrobe that you can use season after season, year after year. Who says you can’t wear white in winter? Learn how to break all the rules and look great doing it. 

3 ways

Find new and creative ways to style the pieces you already own. And feel confident adding new pieces to your closet knowing that you’ll be able to style it in more ways that one. 

2 things

Why is it that one basic t-shirt looks better than another? lets compare similar items to figure out which one will work best for you. 

1 outfit

Break down classic outfits to see why they work, how to replicate them and see variations to turn one outfit into and you can wear again and again. 

You can never be over dressed or over educated.

Oscar Wilde

Check it all out!

Finding your style can take years and can entail lots of mistakes along the way. Let me help.

Fashion trends come and go. While it’s  impossible to rock every trend, it’s always fun to try something new. 

I’d like to explore as much of the world as possible while I’m here. 

We all have our own ideas of how to live life. Instead of arguing over who is right, let’s learn from each other live our best lives together. 

Classic Street Style...Is that a thing?

Growing up in Seattle absolutely shaped my style. Classic yet casual. Easy to wear but still so much fun. Defining my own style and exploring what works for me has been a blast and something I really, really enjoy. 

Wear what makes you happy...

I used to be very self conscious and overly obsessive about what other’s would think of me, which lead me to wearing very safe outfits. The moment I learned to dress for myself, I became much happier and more confident in my style.