5 Tips To Make Cleaning Out Your Closet Less Overwhelming

Break It Down and Focus

Focus on one section at a time. A lot of advice suggests to pull EVERYTHING out of your closet all at once, which is just too overwhelming. And that’s not something you can finish in one go. To pick your categories, use the way you organize your closet as a natural guide. Tops are here, sweaters are here, pants over there; those are your categories. Now pull everything out from that one category and commit to completing it all in one go. 

The real trick here is to finish one section completely before moving on to the next. Like 100% done. Put everything back where it goes. Take the bags to the donation center. List everything you want to sell. If you’re still staring at the donation pile from the last category it will be hard to find motivation to tackle the next category.  

Start With The Hardest First

This process is hard and time consuming; and I promise your motivation will wane. Tackle the hard stuff when you’re first starting out and you’re super motivated. As you work through your closet and your motivation starts to fall, at least the tasks are getting a little less daunting. The categories that you define and easy versus hard will be different for everyone but I’m sure we all have that one category you dread dealing with, that’s the one to start with. 

This also applies to other areas of life. Laundry. Cleaning. Work Assignments. Seriously, it works with everything. 

What to do with the maybe pile

When cleaning out your closet you are going to have some easy No’s and some really easy Yes’s. Of course you’re not getting rid of your favorite sweater and of course you are selling the boots you’ve had for 3 years and never worn but what do you do with everything in between? 

Take each item in your maybe-pile, put it on and make an outfit around it. A full head-to-toe outfit. If you can’t make it into an outfit – get rid of it. If you can technically make an outfit but don’t love it – get rid of it. Get creative and think of a few outfits for each item, if you can. If you fall back in love with the piece – keep it and store the outfit ideas, maybe even take a picture to refer back to later.

Make a place for everything 

You’re never going to stay organized if you don’t have space for every single thing in your closet. If you have too many hanging items and no more hanging space left, you have two options: get rid of more stuff or store some of it elsewhere. The reality is, most people only have a finite amount of closet space. Use your space wisely and fill it with only pieces you really love. 

This is also a good way to keep clothes buying in check. If you have a wardrobe you’re happy with and can fit in your space, make it a rule to not buy any more hangers. If you want to buy something new – something old has got to go. 

Want to Color Coordinate?

You always see those freshly organized closets on TV or Pinterest, they’re always so beautiful and color coordinated but your first thought is; mine will look like that until laundry day, then all bets are off. But there is an easier way, I swear. 

Organize your clothes in the same color combinations that you sort your laundry. Wash greys and blacks together? Put those next to each other in the closet. Red, Orange and Yellow all gets washed together? Those go next to each other in the closet. This way, when you pull each load out of the dryer, its basically already organized. 

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